Tommy Mai can help you with Life Insurance Planning

Life Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Tommy Mai Financial can help you with Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Tommy Mai Financial can help you with Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Tommy Mai Financial can help you with Charitable Planning

Charitable Planning

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How Taxes Can Affect Your Retirement with Tommy Mai

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The Difference is Our Customer Service

We treat each client who walks into our office as an extension of our family. Our staff works daily to build long-term and meaningful relationships with the clients by being there for them personally and professionally and by focusing on integrity and customer service. We are supportive, dependable and are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients so every client that walks out of our doors do so with great satisfaction and a big smile.


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Tommy Mai is the president and founder of Tommy Mai Financial, financial planning firm providing clients with insurance services, retirement planning and charitable planning. As the leader of the organization, Tommy uses his genuine and good-natured personality to intently listen to his clients and get to know them on a personal level before formulating reliable strategies they can be confident in.